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Image Resolution Checker

What is resolution?

A photo is made up of tiny dots called pixels and the more pixels your image has, the more we can enlarge it before it starts to get blurry.

TIP: Use a file or photo that has come from a high quality source. Images taken from the internet and low resolution phones do not have enough resolution for printing, they were designed to be viewed on computer screens, not enlarged and printed.

How do I know if a picture is good enough to print at the size I want?

The number of pixels in an image determines the size it can be used for various uses. Commercial print requires images to have a lot of pixels if they are to be printed.

If an image is too small for the intended size and just scaled up in the design software, the printed result will be 'pixelated' with the pixel blocks showing and with jaggy edges to elements in the image.


How can I tell number of pixels in an image file?

We can slightly enlarge images in Photoshop, but this software also has to add pixels where none were before, based on adjacent pixels, so the quality is always poorer than the original. It works best with images that are quite large in the first place. There's nothing that can be done with very small images.

File Size Check

Upload your image(s) below to check the pixel dimensions before you submit them to us. As a guide they need to be around 1200px to 1600px

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Why can’t you make my image work?

It’s a common next question for someone to say “my image is too low quality, isn’t there something you can do?” If there was a way to magically enhance your image, we would sure do it. But unfortunately you cannot “create” pixels that don’t exist. 

Sending us your files

When sending us your files we recommend that you use either of the following free online file transfer systems.



All you will need to send us your files by either of these methods is:

1. Your email address

2. Our email address (info@iwdesignandprint.co.uk)

3. Your files

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