DIY websites (as seen on TV)

DIY websites (as seen on TV)

You must have seen the “create your own website” adverts on TV? Surely it’s just a case clicking a few buttons, selecting a photo, and you’ve got a first class website?  Well those of you have tried it have probably discovered that the actual process isn’t so straight forward and you should expect to spend a few solid days working on your site.

DIY websites aren’t free. The monthly fee will soon outgrow the cost that you would have spent having a site professionally designed and built, and you should also multiply your hourly wage on the time spent building your site.

You should also research search engine optimisation (SEO), website security and how to crop and re-size images for the web before you even start!

IW Design and Print can have your startup site up and running within a few days once we have your content. Prices start from only £150 and the only annual fee you would have is your domain name and hosting cost from your provider and you should be paying no-more than around £50 PER YEAR for the both.

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